Saturday, 18 November 2017

Methi Poori (Fenugreek Leaves Poori)

   If I have methi leavs (fenugreek leaves )  I have enough and more options for preparing.The methi is a very healthy food too apart from being a good fibre ,it has medicinal benefits too.It is diabetic friendly.Then the flavour,the earthen aroma of the leaves when fried is something most of us love. Methi is essentially a winter veggie,though these days it can be seen year round.
Though I try avoiding deep fried food ,I make the methi poori (puffed unleavened bread)at least once  a year.


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For the dough
Methi leaves(no stems)-2 cups(very finely chopped)
besan (chick pea flour)-half cup
ata(wheat flour)--one and half coup
turmeric-half teaspoon
coriander powder- 1 teaspoon
red chili powder-1 teaspoon
amchur powder-(dry Mango powder)-half teaspoon
oil- 2 tablespoon
sugar-1 teaspoon

oil for deep frying 

1-Take the washed and cut methi leaves in a large bowl and mix one teaspoon of salt to it.
2-Let it set for ten minutes
3-Squeeze out all the water from the leaves
4 -In the same bowl now add the rest of the ingredients for the dough and make a very firm dough by sprinkling water
5-Let it rest for only ten minutes
6-Divide the dough into parts and make into flat balls with the help of the palm
7-Roll by sprinkling little wheat flour or even oil
8-Fry in hot to medium hot oil like regular pooris
9-The pooris should be fried till the colour changes to reddish  brown
10-Serve hot with alu ki sabji or raita

Important Tips
1- The step of squeezing out the water from the leaves should not be skipped ,this step prevents the pooris from becoming bitter and also makes the pooris more crisp
2-The dough should be very firm in order to make the pooris crisp,as even after squeezing out the water the dough tends to become soft 
3-If you are planning to make in a very big quantity,it is better to make the dough in two or three batches as the dough remains firm
4-All the spices in the dough can be increased or decreased as per your taste except the sugar.The quantity of sugar should never be increased as that tends to burn the pooris in hot oil
5-No stems should be included in the methi leaves ,and the leaves should be cut very fine.If the leaves are cut in bigger sizes the pooris do not puff up
6-To get the best flavours ,fry them till little red ,as the methi does not give out its aroma until fried 


Thursday, 16 November 2017

Ilisher Patla Jhol (Hilsa in a mildly spiced gravy)

    This is one fish that the entire state of West Bengal can vouch for.The Hilsa is also a favourite among the other eastern states of Assam ,Orrissa and Tripura too.    Beside it's taste  the Hilsa is rich in Omega 3 fatty acids ,and so adds to the nutritional value.
  The Hilsa is cooked in varying ways depending on ones preferences.Some cook it wrapped in plantain leaves,while for others ,a gravy cooked with potatoes and eggplant is the favourite.A gravy cooked in mustard paste is also an all time favourite.This fish is so loved that even the roe is cooked into many delicacies.In fact people wait year long for the monsoon months to get the taste of freshly caught Hilsa.
I am sharing here a very quick to prepare gravy of this fish,which is very mildly flavoured,allowing the distinct flavour of the fish to dominate.This recipe requires very few ingredients and can be prepared in about 10 minutes.This is best enjoyed with plain steamed rice.


1-Hilsa-about half kg
2-Coriander powder-2 to 3 teaspoons
3-Turmeric powder-1  and half teaspoon
4-Mustard oil-2 tablespoon
5-Salt (as per taste)
6-Green chillies-4(slit from the middle lengthwise)
7-Water for gravy-As required for a thin consistency
8-Kalonji or kala jeera or nigella seeds-1 teaspoon

You can also use half teaspoon of red chilli powder ,though it is optional

1-Marinate the fish in salt and  half teaspoon  turmeric powder and leave for 15 minutes
2-Once the fish is marinating,dissolve 1 teaspoon of turmeric powder ,and the coriander powder in 1 tablespoon of water .If you are adding red chili powder(optional) dissolve it too with turmeric and coriander
3- Shallow fry in mustard oil,on both sides(do not fry the fish for long ,it should be slightly sauted in the oil ,and not fried hard or crisp)
4- Take out the fish from the oil and add green chilies and kalonji seeds to the oil,you can add little oil to the pan at this stage ,The oil should be enough to fry the spices
5-Add in the dissolved spice mix,made in step 2 above
6- Saute till oil oozes from the sides,
7- Then add the salt and the water for the gravy
8- Let the water come to a boil
9-Slip in the fish pieces and boil for one more minute,Switch off the flame and keep covered for at least ten minutes
10-Serve with plain steamed rice

This gravy tastes best when not too thick.So no binding agent is required for the gravy.You should get a transparent oily gravy for the perfect authentic taste.

Step by step pictorial

Marinate the fish in salt and turmeric

Shallow fry in mustard oil,on both sides

Flip over

Take out the fish from the oil and add green chilies and kalonji seeds

Add in the dissolved spice mix

Saute till oil oozes from the sides,

Then add the salt and the water for the gravy

Let the water come to a boil

Slip in the fish pieces and boil for one more minute,Switch off the flame and keep covered for at least ten minutes

Serve with plain steamed rice

Prawn Pakora ( Prawn Fritters)-(Appetizer)

   This one is surely a great appetizer ,and can serve as a great menu at mealtimes too.All you need are the prawns shelled and deveined in the refrigerator.
These fritters or pakoras can be made with any sized prawns,but today I have used the frozen variety.if you wish to make with the bigger ones you will have to cut them into smaller pieces after shelling and deveining them.

If you are using the frozen ones ,it has to be checked that the prawns are free from ice or water.You might have to squeeze out the water in them  ,or pat them dry.
Though besan would be enough for this recipe ,I have added rice flour for a further crisp texture.You shall notice that I have added two teaspoons of hot oil to the mixture for some lightness and crispness again.




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1-Shelled and deveined prawns-about 400 grams
2-finely chopped onions-2 small
3-garlic-7 to 8 ,finely chopped or minced
4-ginger-1 inch piece,finely chopped or grated
5-coriander leaves-finely chopped-handful
6-red chili powder-1 teaspoon
7-besan(chickpea flour)-2 tablespoon
8-rice flour-1 tablespoon
9-turmeric powder-1 teaspoon
10-salt-as per taste
11-oil for frying


1-Take the prawns in a large  bowl(the prawns should almost be pat dried)
2-Add the onions ,ginger,garlic,besan,rice flour,coriander leaves,turmeric,salt,red chili powder,and make a mix(do not add water)
3-Heat oil for shallow frying
4-When the mixture is ready add 2 teaspoon of hot oil from the pan and mix again with a spoon
5- Now spoon out the mixture into the oil and shallow fry
6-Press them down with a spatula and fry in medium heat
7-Flip to the other side and repeat the process,till they turn golden in colour

IF you are preparing the mix and keeping it ready to fry later ,then add the salt and the hot oil just before frying.Otherwise the salt will release a lot of water and make the pakora soggy.


I have taken the smaller variety of prawns

In goes ginger ,garlic,onions,coriander leaves,red chili powder and green chilies

Now the  besan

Then the haldi or turmeric

Next ,rice powder


mix well

Hot oil from the pan

Start shallow frying in medium heat

Turn over ,fry till crisp

Thursday, 9 November 2017

Egg Paratha (Lunch Box Idea)(With many tips)

          I confess that sometimes I am very lazy.It is sometimes very difficult to carry myself to the kitchen,especially on weekends.It is then that I get inspired to think of recipes that can by whipped up in a jiffy.So try out this easy to make paratha ,with the most scrumptious filling in a chill Sunday morning.
I usually have the chapati dough kept ready in the is very useful always. If I plan to make parathas the next morning I make some dough the previous night and keep it ready in the fridge.this not only saves time in teh morning ,but it also allows a good standing time for the dough and makes the parathas softer.
I have tried parathas with both,the wheat flour or atta,or the all purpose flour or the maida..The ones with wheat flour is not only the healthier option ,but I found them to be tastier.So I make parathas with the regular chapati dough which means that no oil is added to the dough.

Now the big question-  Do the parathas taste good ?

  They are tastier than you think. I make them the crisp type and also the soft type which can fold like a kerchief. While making parathas it is important to see that the filling does not come out.If the filling does not come out ,they should puff up on the griddle(tawa) like a phulka. Add the oil once it has puffed up. When oil is added once the paratha has puffed up it absorbs very little oil.I manage with only half a teaspoon oil (  including  both sides) for each paratha. To make them crisp ,leave them on medium heat for one minute before you flip it to the other side.If you want them soft ,take them out of the tawa soon after it has puffed up and you have added oil.Keeping them in a closed container can also keep them soft.

Then the eggs,they always come to the rescue  when you have to prepare something very quick.So I make sure I never run out of stock.



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The quick paneer in little oil
Dum Aloo
Jackfruit seeds dry roast

Chapati dough -enough for 8 to 10 parathas

For filling
onion-1 large(finely cut)
green chillies-2 finely cut
Coriander leaves-finely cut
(you can also add minced garlic ,ginger or amchur powder,but that is optional)
2 teaspoon oil

 Oil for frying parathas


 For the filling

1-Add little (2 teaspoon ) oil to a pan .
2-Add in the onions and the green chilies
3-fry well till the raw smell is gone
4-add in the eggs (beaten with the salt)
5-Let the egg solidify and sprinkle the coriander leaves
6-Switch off the flame

 For the parathas

1-Smash the filling well with the fingers or a potato smasher.
2- Shape the dough into a bowl with your fingers
3- Place the filling
4- Seal the edges
5- Sprinkle dry wheat flour and roll
6- Rolled well
7- Place on the medium hot griddle(tawa)
8- Flip on both sides(do not put oil now)
9- Let it puff up,press down any part of it from where the filling has come out
10-Now apply half a teaspoon oil and flip
11-Serve with your favourite accompaniment

Smash the filling well with the fingers or a potato smasher.

Shape the dough into a bowl with your fingers

Place the filling

Seal the edges

Sprinkle dry wheat flour and roll

Rolled well

Place on the medium hot griddle(tawa)

Flip on both sides(do not put oil now)

Let it puff up,prees down any part of it from where the filling has come out

Now apply Half a teaspoon oil and flip

Time to serve

Chutney (The red one for idlis and dosas)

   Many of you will agree that there has been days when the dosa batter is ready in the fridge ,but the coconut was out of stock at home.Here is a chutney for those days,but believe me you will never miss your coconut chutney once you get this on the table.
This chutney has other advantages too,as I find it as abetter option for packing in lunch boxes,as this does not get stale soon.This can also be made the previous evening and stocked in the fridge ,to be packed in lunch boxes early next morning.
This tangy and slightly sweet chutney is prepared with the always available ingredients at our homes and so finds a very welcome place on our table.



Pineapple Chutney(sweet)

Dhania tamater chutney ( Coriander and tomato chutney )

Aam ki Launji (Raw Mango Chutney-sweet)

Tempered green chillies

Dhania pudina chutney(green chutney )

Instant Raw Mango Chutney(The Bengali way)


1-Shallots(sambar onion)-8 to 10 (sliced)
2-Dry red chilies 4 to 5(you can increase the number if you wish)
3-tomato-2 medium ,-(cut in big pieces)
4-curry leaves-1sprig
5-garlic pods-6 to 7
6-urad dal-half teaspoon
7-green chili-1 -(optional)
10-sesame oil or refined oil-1 tablespoon
11-Hing(asafoetida)-1 pinch
12-Mustard seeds -1 pinch
13-Tamarind-1 inch piece

1-heat oil in a pan
2-add in the urad dal and wait for it to turn red
3-add the red chilies ,the hing and the curry leaves
4-add the mustard seeds and wait for them to splutter
5-add in the green chili,onions,garlic and salt and saute till they change colour
6-add in the tomatoes and the turmeric
7-saute till the raw smell of the tomatoes are gone
8-add the tamarind piece and mix well before switching off the flame
9-let it cool down
10-put the mixture in a blender and blend till smooth

If shallots are not available ,you can make the same with regular onions ,but shallots give  a better flavour.
Care should be taken to see that the urad dal changes to red,as it adds to the flavour of the chutney