Thursday, 23 March 2017

Aam ki Launji (Raw Mango Chutney-sweet)

 I guess all of us wait for the arrival of mangoes.Be it the raw or the ripe ones,we relish both.  Aam ki launji or raw aam ki chutney is an all time favourite with one and all.Different states has different names for this .Some serve it as an accompaniment while West Bengal serves it at the end of the meal as a dessert.

This preparation can be easily stored in the refrigerator for more than a week.This can be prepared with jaggery or sugar.I have shared the sugar version of it today but the sugar can easily replaced by the jaggery.It depends on which flavour you prefer.the only variation of the Bengali style I have shared today is the generous sprinkling of a combination of powdered spices( dry roasted) at the end of the preparation for some added flavour.

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One raw mango-peeled and cut in cubes
Sugar-1 cup(varies according to the sourness of the mango)
Salt -as per taste
Fennel seeds -half teaspoon
Mustard seeds-half teaspoon
Dry red chili -1
Water -approximately one cup
Mustard oil(preferably)

Spices for dry roasting
Jeera(cumin seeds)-one fourth teaspoon 
Methi(fenugreek seeds)-one pinch
Fennel seeds-One fourth teaspoon 

1-Add one teaspoon oil to the pan 
2-Break the red chili into two and add to the heated oil
3-Now add the fennel and the mustard seeds to the oil
4-Allow them to splutter
5-Add the mango pieces
6-Add the salt
7-Mix well ,cover and cook in low flame for five minutes
8-Add one cup of water ,cover and let the mango get cooked in low flame
9-Now add the sugar ,boil in low heat for another 5 minutes.
10-Dry roast the spices for dry roasting and grind to a very fine powder
11-Sprinkle the dry spice powder on the prepared chutney.
12-Serve chilled


Note-Mangoes of different varieties vary in sourness,so taste the mango before you start with case the mangoes are too sour boil the pieces in one cup of water and discard the water,before you start with the process.

Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Pineapple Chutney(sweet)

            I think there is no fruit more juicy and more flavorful than the pineapple.Owing to its fibrous texture it is a very versatile fruit.It can be made into jellies ,cakes cooked with many other things and even added to pulao.

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1-One cup of pineapple cubes(cut in very small cubes)sugar-three fourth cup
2-Sugar-three fourth cup
3-Dry red chilli-one
4-Cinnamon-one inch piece
6-Peppercorns-5 to 6 (crushed)
7-Mustard seeds-one fourth teaspoon
8-Fennel, seeds-one fourth teaspoon
8-salt-as per taste
9-1 teaspoon lemon juice
10-Cherries -for garnish

1-Add 2 teaspoon oil in a pan
2- Add the peppercorns,cinnamon,cardamom,fennel seeds ,mustard seeds,and dry red chili in the hot oil.Let them splutter.
3-Add the pineapple pieces,salt and cover and cook in low heat till mushy
4-Add the  sugar and let it simmer till the sugar turns syrupy.
5-Switch off the flame and add a dash of lemon 
6-Cool and refrigerate before serving 

This preparation can be stored in the refrigerator and enjoyed for almost a week.

Homemade Aam Panna ( Am pora shorbot)

  Summers are here already,so time for something cooling.Today's recipe is the very refreshing and healthy aam panna.With the delicious flavors of raw mango,this summer drink is an absolute treat to the taste buds.So lets get started.

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 One raw mango
Jaggery -about 4 tablespoon
Roasted cumin powder -1 heaped teaspoon
Water-3 glasses
Salt-as per taste
 Crushed ice

1-Roast the raw mango on open flame(alternatively you can even boil it till soft.)

2-Peel and mash the mango pulp

3-Soak the jaggery in water for an hour before you start making the panna(the jaggery should dissolve completely )

4-When you start preparing the drink,take about half of the jaggery solution and mix the roasted cumin powder ,salt and the mango pulp and blend it well

5-Mix the blended mixture back with the rest of the solution.

6-Serve with crushed ice 

Monday, 20 March 2017

Instant Raw Mango Chutney(The Bengali way)

This is a recipe that brings back many nostalgic memories.Many of us will be able to connect this recipe to memories of enjoying this instant pickle with lazy summer afternoons.This is a quick recipe which involves no cooking ,and can  be stored in the refrigerator for more than a week.

1-Raw mango -1 whole grated
2-Jaggery -2 heaped tablespoons(powdered)
3-Green chillies-crushed (3 to 4,as per taste)
4-Kasundi(mustard sauce) -1 tablespoon
5-Kalonji(nigella seeds)-1 teaspoon
6-salt-as per taste
7-Mustard oil-1 tablespoon

Mix all the ingredients well and keep in the hot sun (covered with a muslin cloth)for one to two hours

Enjoy with rice or paratha,or simply without anything.

Instant Strawberry Milkshake

    Strawberry milkshake,the ultimate cooling drink in the summer months.This is the kids all time favourite at all parties at my place.This drink can be prepared using strawberries  but I avoid using them ,as the process can be little tedious. If you use the fruit you will have to remove the skin properly,before you blend it with milk.Otherwise the grainy texture of the strawberry will remain in the drink.So to make it a very quick recipe I go for the strawberry crush,easily available at all supermarkets.
      In this recipe I have used milk and water in equal proportions.This has been done to make it a light drink,as I generally serve this to my guests as a welcome drink.Keeping it light helps them enjoy the dinner better.If you intend to serve this to your kids as an evening snack you can increase the quantity of milk and reduce the water accordingly.

Milk -350 ml(boiled and refrigerated)
Water -350 ml
Sugar -6 tablespoons or as per taste
Strawberry crush(unsweetened)-6 tablespoons
Vanilla ice cream- 1large  scoop
Crushed ice or ice cubes
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1-Boil the milk,cool and refrigerate
2-Stir the sugar in the water at room temperature and dissolve it completely
3-Blend the water with the milk and the ice cream
4-Add in the crushed ice or ice cubes and serve chilled

    In this recipe I have used milk and water in equal proportions.This has been done to make it a light drink,as I generally serve this to my guests as a welcome drink.Keeping it light helps them enjoy the dinner better.If you intend to serve this to your kids as an evening snack you can increase the quantity of milk and reduce the water accordingly.

Note -The sugar should be mixed with the water at room temperature.

Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Chicken Reshmi Kabab (grilled )

   Time for some irresistible non-vegetarian fare,folks.Chicken reshmi malai kababs is on the menu today.This is also called the Afghan chicken at some places.It is the grilled chicken with a marination of cream and some other spices ,which make it one of the most mouthwatering chicken preparation with minimum oil.

 Serves -4 people

  • Chicken -750 gms.
 First marinade-
  • salt
  • vinegar (2  tablespoon)
Second marinade-
  • hung curd -2 tablespoon
  • cream-1 tablespoon
  • ginger garlic and green chili paste -1 large tablespoon
  • fennel powder-1 teaspoon
  • black pepper powder-1 teaspoon
  • butter-1 teaspoon
  • processed cheese-1 heaped teaspoon(grated)
  • nutmeg powder-half teaspoon
  • Coriander leaves-1 teaspoon (finely chopped)

First Marinade-  mix the chicken pieces with salt and vinegar and let it rest for about two hours.You can keep it in the refrigerator if the weather is warm.
                                  After two hours the chicken should release a lot of water. Discard the water and now start adding the ingredients of the second marinade.

Second marinade-Add in the ingredients of the second marinade and rub well.Try to avoid salt in the second marinade (put a fairly large amount in the first marinade). Leave for another 2 hours in the refrigerator.

after 2 hours grill at 250 degrees centigrade
                   in toast mode(I grilled on the wire rack with the upper and the lower rods on),for 30     minutes.

Serve hot with finely cut onions mixed with Green chutney   and lemon wedges .


Thursday, 9 March 2017

Alu Bhaja (potato crisps the Bengali way)

     Alu bhaja or potato crisps with dal is a comfort food in many a Bengali household,mine being no exception.These crispies are equally  tempting for adults and kids ,and vanish off the plate even before the dal is served .Simple ,with minimum ingredients ,these form the starters of a Bengali meal.

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  So lets get started-
Serves-4 people

Ingredients- six potatoes(medium)
           salt (as per taste0
            oil for deep frying

  1.  Peel and cut the potatoes lengthwise,then slice them in very thin  triangular                           slices as in the pic.(remember-the thinner the slices  the crispier the potatoes) 
  2. Put the cut slices in a bowl full of water .
  3. Wash the slices in running water till the water is clear(all the excess starch  is washed out).
  4. Put handful of these (strain them out of water) in hot oil(oil should be medium hot) 
  5. Spread them out in the oil.
  6. Add only as much salt as needed for that batch straight to the oil.
  7. Take them out of the oil as they start changing colour.(keep in an open plate). 
  8. When taken out they should make  a sound on the plate.
  9. Do not cover the plate.
  10. Continue the process for the rest of the potatoes in small batches(add salt for every batch)

 Note-I generally fry them ,let them cool and keep them in an air tight container the day before I have guests at my place.